General Questions

Who is

LightbyU is a site selling LED lighting and participatory design on-line dedicated to bright objects wireless design.
For more information please see the “Overview” page.

What is participative design

Participatory design is the contribution of volunteers designers in enriching the catalog design of the website. These designs are evaluated by members of the site and according to their popularity, they are made or not.

Who is

To everyone divided into three types of users:

The members who vote, comment and buy,
Designers who create, but who are also members as others,
Companies that have access to a catalog of all designs submitted and that may appeal to the creativity of designers.
How to contact

We suggest you contact us via the contact form directly at at 04 27 46 51 20

What are you selling?

We sell LED lights wireless, waterproof, unbreakable, rechargeable, and multifunction remote control, designed by designers.
With our technology, these lamps can range from the smallest pilot a set of bright furniture.
We also sell all the accessories associated with these lamps.

What is the difference between the workshop and shop

The lamps in the workshop do not exist, these are projects of designers submitted to the votes of surfers.

The Shop is a site selling as you have used and all lamps are available and delivered in the shortest time.

How are sales?

Sales workshop:
Here projects designers are subject to votes and purchase. If the goals are met or purchase the popularity of the lamp is good, LightbyU the manufacture and go to the store.

Customers who buy into the workshop and encourage designers have great prices in return for taking the risk at the end of the voting period, the lamp is not made and will be fully refunded in this case.

Sale shop:
Here lamps are manufactured and in stock, this is a shop like all the others on the web with a secure credit card payment.

Many innovations often simply come from the workshop, do not hesitate to pick a lamp that you have identified.

Can I make a single basket for the Workshop and Boutique

To facilitate reimbursement for non production of the lamp project in the workshop, we must separate the commands of the Workshop and Boutique.

How do I register?

Follow this link and simply enter your name, enter your email address and choose your password. You will receive a confirmation email and have access to your personal account and vote.

What are my rights as a member from a non-registered user

As a member of you can:

Order in the workshop and shop.
Comment designs in the workshop and in the shop,
Vote for designs in the workshop,
Follow your favorite designers

What types of designs can I find in the workshop

The contests LightbyU:
LightbyU offers briefs according to the news, an idea or a constraint: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, red … Designers can choose to create within major product categories: swimming pool, garden, children’s world , office …
The contests brands:
Companies, brands can submit a brief and compensation designers.
How do I vote?

Once registered and logged in, navigate to the Workshop and vote for the products you want by clicking the “Like” or “I do not like.” You can not vote in the shop.

What commitments click on “I like / I do not like” in the Workshop

The only risk is to win gift certificates, and of course, every vote popularity statistics lamp change and offer the designer and other users of real numbers on the craze for the design of the lamp.

designs that you can buy

All, with the exception of some contests brand.
All products in the shop are available immediately,

What happens after my purchase in the Shop

LightbyU will keep you informed every step of course making your lamp.
You will receive approximately one month after the end of the vote, but in return, this lamp will have cost you a lot less than the future price are in the shop.

What happens if the lamp is not made

If the lamp has not achieved its objectives preorder and its popularity is not good, we will refund to your bank account used for payment, 100% of the amount you paid us.

What are the shipping methods?

LightbyU uses the services of La Poste. For more information, please visit the “Delivery” page

Indulge worldwide

Not. We only deliver in France and Europe.

What are the payment methods accepted?

LightbyU accept Visa and MasterCard credit card. For more information, please see the “Payment” page

payments are secure?

Payment security is based on authentication of the merchant, the confidentiality and integrity of trade.

To ensure this security, HSBC is based on proven techniques of cryptography: All sensitive information is encrypted and only HSBC can treat and maintain the link between the customer’s bank and the



What a designer LightbyU

In addition to opportunities to all members, the designer can submit ideas of luminous objects.

Who can become a designer?

To be a designer, you have to exercise in a recognized occupation regime. At least one auto-entrepreneur status is desired.
How to


To become a designer must complete the form “Become Designer” in your profile private. The information is then verified within 48 hours and you’re ready to submit your ideas to the web!

Is there a constraint to the creation of luminous objects

Yes, a lot. Only designers with notions of industrialization and rotomolding can draw a technically feasible object.

But do not worry, a “from the Designer Kit” is available and includes all the technical concepts.

What the Kit Designer

The kit designer is a document that all designers should be considered before starting to create to maximize their chances of their validated designs.

This paper addresses three aspects:

The possibilities of our light technology and a description of the different LED bulbs wirelessly.
Technical constraints related to the creation of luminous object of all sizes design, but also opportunities in terms of finishes.
A summary of the contractual aspects and administrative linking and designer.
Where can I download the kit designer?

To download the kit designer, you must go into your profile designer, select the “Designer Kit” tab or you will be offered a download.

submit one design

To submit a design you must go into your profile, select the tab “Submit a design” and complete the form.

You must choose the contest in which you want to compete, then, according to the contest, you must select product attributes: Uses, shapes …

The design is then passed through a validation process before being posted.

How is the procedure design validation

The validation happens in three steps:

Validation marketing: we verify that the design meets the specifications aesthetic charges, and that was not already done.
Technical validation: our engineers verify that the design is feasible by our manufacturing processes (described in the kit designer), define the final selling price of the product, and believe the objectives of popularity for production.
Purely technical adjustments can be made by our engineers for an optimal light or simplified tools.
Legal validation: the design is subject to a deposit of a “shell Soleau” for France INPI where the creator’s name appears explicitly.
What happens if the design does not pass one of the three validations?

You will receive an email explaining the reasons for denying you. In this way, you can if you want, review your proposal, if time permits.

What happens after design validation

The designer receives a fee of € 100 for the study. This amount is fixed and each designer receives for having submitted a valid design, and the adventure continues …
Design becomes visible to all and for a given time in the workshop.
Members vote, comment and pre-order the design of the workshop.

What happens if he does not win the design goals of votes and preorder

If the design was not selected remain in a specific catalog for professionals. If the design is finally produced, the designer earns a percentage of net sales generated by sales of the product he designed.

What happens if the design goals of votes wins and preorder

If the design goals wins popularity, then it is made.
The members who have pre-ordered are delivered and the light switches on the side of the shop website.
Meanwhile, the designer earns a percentage of net sales generated by these first sales on the website.

If the design won a contest LightbyU, then it is produced and the designer earns a percentage of net sales from sales on the website of the product he designed.

Can there be multiple winners

For contests LightbyU: Yes, it will even be the case most of the time.
Contests for brand: The company chose to retain one or more projects depending on the outcome of the vote.

What happens if the design won a contest LightbyU

If the design goals wins popularity, then it is made. There may be multiple winners in each contest as it is the users who vote to achieve the objectives of popularity.
The designer earns a percentage of net sales from sales on the website of the product he designed.

What happens if the design won a contest brand

Once the brand chosen the model lamp (assisted or not by Internet), it is then manufactured.
The compensation will depend on the designer contract with the brand, but the designer will have this information before starting to work.

What happens if my design is selected in the pro catalog

If the design is found in the catalog pro is that it has not fulfilled its objectives of popularity with the general public. His designs have a second opportunity to companies who can view and choose a template already created but not sold.

How do you protect my work as a designer

One of three validations during the submission of the design is the legal validation consists in depositing an “Envelope Soleau” for France INPI where mention is made of the designer (this gives a certain date to creation, which gives the designer the possibility of depositing the “Designs” in 12 months).

All designs to be produced have previously been subject to a deposit of “Designs” (this will ensure the peaceful use of design by LightbyU on behalf of the designer).

Can I get my rights to the design

Yes, only if it has not been produced. The contract expressly provides rebates rights as the designer of the ninth month after the deposit of the Envelope Soleau (So that leaves the designer three months to process the filing of “Designs” on its own

How do I get paid?

The designers have a fixed fee of € 100 for each design validated.

The rest of your compensation is a percentage of the net sales generated by the lamp on our site. Details are available in each brief.

How do I know my winnings

The designer profile includes a tab called “My earnings” which provides a global vision and a detailed vision product.
Moreover, it is this page that is used to make payment designers.

How do I get the money?

You can ask your winnings by bank transfer or check every 4 months: January, May, September.

How can I promote my design

Free to you.
We still expected some tools to make it easier:

Your profile page,
Members can add you to their favorite designers,
Members can contact you (i you allow)
Your designs have a unique address so you can communicate,
You can share everything on Facebook
You can send messages to your contacts list.
If you have other ideas, feel free to submit it to us for the future development of the site.

How can I be informed of contests and contests that LightbyU launch marks

Of course, browsing the site but we communicate with our designers by eMailing, Facebook and Twitter.


How do I register as a business

Contact the team site:, you will quickly release access to the site with a company profile.

How to access the catalog pro

In your private profile, you will find a tab “Professional Catalog” that will take you to a history of all the designs posted on LightbyU.

How to order catalog numbers pro

Simply contact us via indicating the product number and we will prepare a quotation.